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At House at Pooh Corner we value and respect children for their innate ability to become competent, contributing members of society. It is our role to create a curriculum that enables children to achieve competence. We do so by providing a wide variety of programs and services that help children to blossom and gives them the tools they need to succeed in the world. These programs are all developmentally appropriate and child-centered to allow children to learn and grow at their own pace. In addition, we support their parent's need to work by providing a safe and loving environment for their children with flexible scheduling to meet the changing demands of the working world.

• Full day Childcare for Children ages 3 months – 6 years (Partial weeks available)
• Infant & Toddler Programs that emphasize Developmentally Appropriate Practices & Piagetian     Approach to Learning
• Pre-School Program based on the Italian Schools of Reggio Emilia – Emergent
    Curriculum/Project-Based Model
• Daily Outdoor Play in a Natural Setting
• Art program that emphasizes process, free expression and creative thinking
• Science Program that emphasizes the scientific method and critical thinking
• Cultural Diversity of Community is Valued and Celebrated in Program
• Pre-School Enrichment Classes in Music, Dance, Spanish Immersion & Nature
• Pro-Social Model used for handling conflict resolution and limit-setting
• Fitness Activities and Healthy Diet Emphasis including healthful snacks
• Environmental Lessons help children to become future stewards of the planet
• Field Trips to Support the curriculum and expose children to the larger world
• Toilet Training

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