Parent Involvement

At Pooh Corner we encourage parents to get involved in their child’s learning. We see ourselves as a community, in which, teachers and parents collaborate for the benefit of the children. We are all on the same team. While there is no mandatory work requirement for parents, we invite parents to participate in their child’s school world on whatever level works for them. Everyone has different interests, skills and time constraints. Parents may choose to come in and read a story, cook a dish for our Thanksgiving feast, drive on a field trip or bring a wheelbarrow and rake to help re-mulch the play yard. When children experience their parents being a part of their school life, it builds their self esteem.

Some parents take involvement a step further and become volunteer Room Parents for a year. Room parents meet monthly with teachers and administrators to discuss issues brought forth by the parent community. They also are instrumental in planning social events throughout the year, such as pot-luck picnics and group socials. They also plan our annual teacher appreciation event. Community building is a big part of the Room Parent’s role.